Monday, August 2, 2010

It's a Wrap

July evaluations are done! Here is how I know.

  • Amy Starr went RUNNING with her husband to workout off the In N Out Burgers she consumed. She holds the record on staff for most In N Out Burger visits
  • Justin Scanson BROUGHT his lunch to the office today. No more Chipolte visits.
  • Mandy Close is NOT wearing her sparkly Blue and Gold t-shirt that was a summer favorite by fellow coaches.
  • Coach Binford has turned off the GPS, but more importantly my back just feels better.
I love watching prospects develop throughout the summer, but I really love coming back home to our current student athletes who are all training together in Bozeman. Working toward the future, making the most on the present, and then picking my son up from his first basketball camp today!

What a great summer!

Coach Bin

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