Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Compete In All You Do

Our team is going into our second week of preseasoning training. This is the time we target all of the areas that will improve our athletic performance on the court such as weight training, conditioning, nutrition, mental preparation.

I have seen at every level of competition, even the professional level that most athletes still do not compete or challenge themselves in every area that affects their performance.  If you could choose to be faster, stronger, have better endurance, and stay healthy wouldn't you?

I think most people are naturally selective and work at the things that come easy to them. The athletes that separate themselves have three common components;

1) focus-they know how to simplify, put their time in the things that have positive impacts, remove the rest
2) they compete in everything, not just the areas they are good at. It's their habit
3) they aren't afraid to fail

Yeah, failure hurts, but at least you can feel that you're living! You have a weakness? Go attack it. Don't run from it.

I love the preseason because it is a great educational opportunity for us to teach our athletes how to take their game to the next level even if we only get 2 hours a week with a basketball. Just imagine once again if you could be faster, stronger, have better endurance, feel better.

Let me rephrase it. If you could crash the boards every possession rather than every other, be the first one down the floor on a consistent basis, defend for a longer period of time, have the legs to shoot the same way every shot, wouldn't you?

I guarantee the answer is yes. The question for everyone's preseason is are you willing to work hard enough, push yourself hard enough to get there.

Or better yet, can you answer yes to the three questions,

Coach Bin

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