Friday, September 3, 2010

Erica Perry Going International!

I received a great call this morning from Erica who was just getting settled in her new home in Spain for the next seven months.

She lives in a condo with three roomates, has a television in Spanish (watching basketball and Animal Planet), and lives only minutes away from the gymnasium.

I asked her how the food was and the bright surprise for Erica was that cereal was the same but cheaper. Although she isn't used to seeing the pig's head or the entire fish, Erica loves new experiences and has always made herself at home whereever she is.

Those of you who want to follow Erica's professional career can follow her on the euro basketball world. She plays for the Pabellon Ourense in the Spanish pro league. Here are the links to Erica's team - Pabellon Ourense, and Rebecca Mercer's team in Australia - West Coast Waves .

Good luck this season to all three former Bobcats (Erica, Rebecca, Mara Hoefer) who are taking their basketball careers to the next level.

Go Cats!

Coach Bin

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