Friday, September 24, 2010

The Greatest Generational Challenge


We aren't in the days of Little House in the Prairie. Technology, although having advanced our world tremendously, has made it difficult for our younger generation to stay focused on one task for a long duration of time.

Take #1 distraction, the cell phone. I remember having calling cards or spare change to use the pay phone if I needed to make a call. With the cell phone on our hip and instant communication, we are addicted to looking at it every second of the day. I am just as guilty as the next person. Just ask yourself the last time you turned your phone off.

Distraction #2, the internet especially Facebook. Now we have instant access to the world not just our next door neighboor. Does anyone have pen pals anymore? How many people do you know take the time to put deep thought into a letter, take it to the post office, and mail it? That's because it takes too long, apparently.

What about our entertainment? Growing up I used to play in the woods with my brother and neighboors swinging from tree to tree and doing "tick checks" at the end of the day. Now we bring the outside world indoors in the form of the Wii and other video games.

This generation is able to accomplish A LOT. They can do a million things at once, but is quanity better than quality?

Successful people and successful teams are very good at applying the details. They also have the ability to focus for a long period of time.

My challenge to this generation is to limit the distractions of the world as much as you can. Create an environment that allows you to focus for longer periods at once. The ones who can learn this skill, whether it's learning a shooting technique, footwork on closeouts, will be able to apply it to their game.

Now instead of putting in the "time" on your development you will start to see "RESULTS."

By the way, if a coach had to choose between "potential" and "results" they will choose results every time.

Time to Focus!

Coach Bin

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