Saturday, November 13, 2010


Here's a great question for all coaches around the country. How do you play a team who has a 6'8 post player, and athletes bigger or faster than yours?

MSU Offensive Answer-Add an extra shot fake, spread them out, and light it up from 3!

MSU Defensive Answer-Pack in the Paint, and rebound your guts out!

One of our goals going into this game was to force Baylor to take the first timeout. We accomplished that goal when we went up 4-0 with 6'0 Rachel Semansky scoring on Griner twice. I am not sure if she was aloof to the fact she was being guarded by 8 more inches or just attacking aggressively like she always does. Whatever the answer, I was proud of our team's first half effort and execution. Griner still got 5 blocks.

The second half wasn't as solid for us. Part of it was just running out of gas keeping up with that level of physicality and athleticism, and part of it was just putting two halves together.

I think tomorrow morning we'll eat a few more Wheaties to challenge the boards stronger, and then keep the game simpler for ourselves.

The answer for that-Put Two Halves Together!

Coach Bin

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