Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy or Horror Halloween

Depending on your age is whether you love or hate this holiday.

Look at who shows up to the Haunted Houses, dresses up in gory costumes, or goes to the horror movies, the teenagers and college kids. They love to get scared and LOVE this holiday.

Then take the parent of a young kid. We are ready for November 1st so our children don't get spooked by the costumes, commercials, or freaky decor on neighborhood homes. To me the holiday is a little too Gothic.

Don't get me wrong. I love many aspects of Halloween, including pumpkin carving and the always eventful trick or treating.

Last night while trick or treating my daughter walked up to a door, turned around, grabbed a candy out of her bucket and began to eat it. The owner tried to give her a candy around her shoulder, but Brooklyn was too interested in what she already had.

After our kids crashed for the evening after their sugar highs I thought of another group of people that probably don't love this holiday either, dentists!

Coach Bin

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