Monday, November 22, 2010

Bobcat Football Big Sky Champs!

Congrats go out to our football team who had a heart thumping victory at U of M this Saturday.

Our staff prepared for our team to watch this game as we knew we'd be in the Salt Lake City Airport during the second half. We brought the projector and hooked it up to the internet to show the game via Big Sky TV on the wall at gate E65. Unfortunately the internet connection wasso  low that every play was buffered to our scrutiny. It seemed like the only time it was in real action was when they were showing crowd shots.

Back up plan came into play as Tyler, our radio guy, hooked up the radio feed and held the radio speakers in each hand as the team crowded around. It felt like we were getting a reading of the Night Before Christmas, yet without the fireplace or the narration so to speak.

Instead, we clapped, cheering, gasped when the Griz did something well. In the midst was one poor Griz fan surrounded by Blue and Gold in all seats. He was a good sport and tried to hold his emotions in as he was obviously in the minority. 

As the final seconds ticked away and we were now boarding our flight to Bozeman, the final confirmation came through Shannon Scanson by text as Justin repeated the interception by our own Mike Ryder to seal the W 21-16.

Go Cats and good luck in playoffs!

Coach Bin

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