Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Bling Is Back

We had our first exhibition game yesterday, and with that, shootarounds. Last year we started the shootaround bling ritual which means our players can shoot around in their jewelry.

Yesterday did not disappoint as this year's squad was as sparkly as ever. We got our first game jitters out against the tenacious Montana Tech and finish off our exhbition schedule on Saturday before we leave for Texas.

I am not a believer in superstition, but it sure is comforting to keep a consistent routine on game day even if it requires you to wear sunglasses.

Here a few kinks we had to iron out for the first home contest.
  • Tyler-our radio guy couldn't find his microphone for our interview. I hope he finds it by Saturday.
  • Pregame clock management-Rachel Rehbein pounded on Coach Scanson's door asking why the clock hadn't yet started for their warmup.
  • Substitutions-As the official told me we only had four players on the floor, Ally had replaced Ashley at the one spot, but Ashley was now supposed to play the post. Whoops!
Game Days sure are exciting!

Coach Bin

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