Monday, June 11, 2012


How quickly a year goes but we are officially in session. I think it's gone by the fastest to Coach Close who is in charge of camp so if you see her at the end of the week please give her an energy drink or at least a big pat on the back. What a stellar class of camp coaches including our assistant coaches, former players, current Bobcats, players from the men's team and even local coaches in the area. This group is as good as ever to learn from this year and there will definitely be a lot of learning. I am waiting to see how Kalli Durham, Jackie Elliott and Destini (or should I say Macy Gray) do for their first coaching experiences. All I know is there are only about 10 campers shorter than I am so to all the campers this week, BELIEVE as SKY IS THE LIMIT. At least from my perspective anyway, Coach Bin

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