Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer School

Our SEVEN newcomers are all here trying to get their feet under them this first week of summer school. I think our upperclassmen enjoy seeing the stress in the newbies as they have ALL been there at one time. This is the number one reason we do summer school so when we hit the fall our student athletes only have a 100 things to think about instead of a thousand. The highlights so far: 1) Opening Margreet Barhoum's room to see her mom Lisa standing on the table next to the window. I am still not sure what she was doing up there but at least I talked her down. 2) Lindsay Stockton having a blood shot eye from sneazing. She may be related to the Incredible Hulk. I am just afraid to see what happens if she coughs. 3) My son asking me to play and TEACH him basketball in our park last night. This is the first time in EIGHT years he has asked me to do that. Yes, this is unrelated to summer school but very exciting to me. There will be plenty more to come with this class. Until then.... Coach Bin

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