Monday, June 11, 2012

Rachel's 6th Grade Adventures

During the month of May I decided to take a summer class. As an education major we have to spend a certain amount of time in the classroom before we can graduate. So the class that I ended up taking was basically an internship in which I had to spend 90 hours in the classroom. I got placed in a 6th grade classroom in Chief Joseph Middle School that taught science and communication arts. I loved it! I was a little wary of working with middle schoolers because I remember those days vividly and they were not so great for me. I was the definition of awkward! However, the experience with these 6th graders was awesome. The teacher that I worked with allowed me to teach the students quite often and allowed me to practice my teaching skills. I learned alot about what teachers do day in and day out and the struggles and joys that come with that. I was able to teach them about the circulatory system and through having to teach it to the students I learned quite a lot about it myself! It was so great to see the students learn about something you taught them. One student was so proud of his homework that he did on the circulatory system and was so excited that he was able to understand it. Seeing that was definitely a highlight of the experience. 6th graders are an interesting bunch, I will never be able to understand how or why they lose their pencils so often. They continually asked me for new ones even if I had just given one to them five minutes ago. I do not understand where the pencils went, somewhere in Chief Joseph there lies a pile of lost 6th grader's pencils. -Rachel #32

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