Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I think one of the most important qualities in coaching is being able to make changes and adapt to the situations at the forefront. There is obviously a certain comfort level for your team and players to have a consistency in their routines. However, you also have to pay attention to the time for change.

Here are a few examples:

1) You have a player that is used to playing four minutes at a time, but has hit 5 3's in a row. You could sub them out OR you may run one more play for them.

2) You are used to a 2-3 hour practice but your team is banged up and don't necessarily have enough "bodies" to go. Change your schedule. Last season we cut our practices down to an hour or less at the end of the year, and we won 10 of our last 13 games. We kept them motivated, fresh, and found a way to finish well.

3) Base your decisions on effort and results. This is a tough one. Every coach has a player on their team that is the hardest worker yet may not perform as well as another. That's why it's important you establish a standard from the ones that are your best players. If you don't your team chemistry will struggle.

4) When it's not working and you've tried all the duck tape in the world, MAKE A CHANGE!
I love man defense for it's accountability and team pride it takes to play. However, our team is moving outside the box this week because we are falling below our defensive goals for the season. A few tweaks here and there, a renewed team commitment to keeping teams in check, and JUST maybe we can start moving up in this category. The key is that you and your team MAKE IT WORK! We'll find out Thursday at 7:00.

Coach Bin

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