Monday, January 19, 2009

Defense Wins Games

You have heard every coach talk about defense winning championships, but for a team that is also known to be a transition team, it's a necessity.

This past week, we talked about getting back to the little details and it payed off with a two win home sweep. Our team got stops on the defensive end in both halves for the first time all year and it propelled our transition game.

Erica Perry is difficult enough to defend in the half court but try keeping her in front when she's at full throttle. Then you add our little freshman Katie Bussey into the lineup who is just starting to get going and you need a rugby charge to keep them both in front!

Last but not least, I want to congratulate some career highlights over the weekend. Nubia Garcia who has been a force down low, is on the January COVER of Champion Magazine for her photography she has done here at MSU. To top that highlight off she ripped down a career high 16 rebounds against ISU as well. See, you can be a lady off the court and a baller on!

Sarah Strand has also shown why having lift in your shot actually does make the rim bigger draining 5 3's against ISU. She keeps the dust off the rafters. The biggest highlight though was our team holding ISU to 52 points, the lowest we have held anyone all season long.

One game at a time, UNC Thursday!

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