Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Shooter's Slump-We have all been through it. Some of you have been in it longer than others, like my mom. You are called NON SHOOTERS. Your strengths are elsewhere. However, those that are great shooters still have their moments when their shot isn't falling.

Coaches talk about shooting out of your shooting slump, but the real problem is typically shooters trying to "correct" their shot. As a shooter long ago, the best thing I ever did for myself when that would occur is to go back to simplifying my form. The more added, the more room for error.

Well, as a team, we have been in what you would say a team performance slump. I will admit as the head coach that I made the first mistake of trying to add new things to help my team over the hump. I threw in a new defense, tried to change some things in our offense when all along we all forgot the little details of what we had always done in the past.

Example-Sprinting the floor. The last three years our team has been known as a transition oriented team. Teams would struggle to keep up with us, yet last week we couldn't beat our point guard up the floor. That is about to change. We have gone back to the little things in practice of 3 on O transition drills.

The same has been for the defensive end. All along I have had these two amazing defensive specialists, but we have all shifted focus to what they were doing for us on the offensive end. Well, you tell me if we get this back tomorrow night at 7:00!

Keep it simple. The best thing my WNBA coach did for me in Cleveland was make the game simple. It's time for my team just to go out and compete. Oh yeah, and have a lot of FUN!

Coach Bin

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