Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Here are some questions to decide if you are a risk taker, or to ME a competitor.

1. Are you afraid to lose?
2. When you play open gym, do you guard the worst player on the floor or the best?
3. When is the last time you tried something new?
4. What is the hardest obstacle you've had to overcome?
5. Who gives you your confidence?
6. Last but not least, would you go skydiving?

Now as a coach, I look for those risk takers that aren't afraid to take the program the next step, the unknown because someone has to be the first. You can't be the first if you are afraid of what it might look like. Anyone can come into a successful program, but only a few get to CREATE it!

I wonder what Neil Armstrong's answers would be to these questions before walking on the moon.

Coach Bin

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