Thursday, April 16, 2009


Now, some of us know the significance of Easter as the resurrection of Jesus Christ. For a five year old, however, to comprehend the meaning of this day seems to be a little more difficult.

This is why I think the "Easter Bunny" was created. To believe that an Easter Bunny would bring you nice treats is hard to dismiss for any age.

My son is highly competitive. Where he gets that I have no idea. So when he heard about the Easter egg hunt he asked when and where!

So we headed to the Bridger Golf Course where our church organized one of the biggest Easter egg hunts of all time. You could see it in my son's eyes that he was ready to go. He had his basket, focus, got in his stance, and NO ONE was going to get more eggs than him.

If you want to see chaos, just watch 300+ kids running at the same time to pick up eggs in the fairway. Someone should have required helmets as it was going to be more physical than a rugby match.

The gun went off and the screaming began. In uder 30 seconds the eggs were swept up, my son's basket was full, and he was ready for more.

So we went home and created our own Easter egg hunt about a dozen times over the next two days, before church, after church, before bed. I would hide them. My son would hide them. My husband would hide them. I am pretty sure we broke a world record.

After the weekend was over and the energy subsiding we all crashed on the couch. As my son gets older he will begin to appreciate more regarding this unbelievable holiday, but for now, I am happy he didn't eat all of the candy in the eggs he found.

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