Monday, November 9, 2009

Fashion Show/Alumni Reunion

Multi tasking is the #1 requirement to be a college coach, and boy did we pull multiple things off this weekend.

I'd like to first talk about our "Alumni" weekend. We started off Friday evening at the Best Western Gran Tree Hotel and then finished off the weekend with a scrimmage where our alumni mixed in with some of our players and scout guys.

  • The history. Four alumni playing are in the top 15 in MSU scoring history. Nubia Garcia, Sarah Flock, Kathie Roos, and Kathleen McLaughlin (#1 in scoring and rebounding). Sam Fluss top 2 in 3 point field goals made, Hillary Scott, Whitney Connolly top 2 in career blocks, and Allison Bach.
  • The irony. Allison cleans Amy's teeth and mine as well. I was nervous she was going to get a tooth knocked as she didn't have a mouth guard in.
  • The competition. Sam blocked Erica Perry out into the first row of seats. I asked Sam if she would come teach our players how to box out.
  • The entertainment. Erica Perry asked Kathie if they were in a man or zone defense. Kathie messed with her and told her man when they were in a zone.

We began the weekend at the Gran Tree thanking our Alumni for coming together to reunite with family and finished off the festivities there as well. What a great weekend, and thanks to all that came.

As far as the fashion show goes, I will keep it short, just like the fashion show itself.

  • Began 11:00 and finished by 11:30. The athletes and coaches walk very fast just like our transition game.
  • We had no injuries but a few meltdowns by Camryn, Coach Scanson's daughter. That many people watching you can be overwhelming unless you are our players.
  • My kids were a riot. Brooklyn walked out on her own, while Justin and I skied down the steps in our winter gear. Todd got out of it to go hunting, although he never went!
  • I can't really tell you much more than that since I didn't get to see our athletes and coaches walking out as we were all changing so quickly in between outfits.

It must have been a success though because we were asked to do this again for the spring clothing!

Go Cats!

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