Monday, November 30, 2009


Coaches have different philosophies, and although I believe in defense winning championships, I have had my share of teams that try and outscore our opponents.

This year's team, however, is starting to have fun working hard on defense.

This past weekend we held two teams to an average of 42 points per game, the lowest I believe since I have been at Montana State.

This is what defense brings:

Fans off their chairs when Erica Perry gets a steal in the back court.
Our bench celebrating when Sarah Strand gets her 6th block of the night.
Our team's energy jumping another notch after a 30 second violation.

The best result of all though, winning our Thanksgiving Tournament. We still have a million things to improve on, but it's a good starting point.

Congrats to Sarah Strand, MVP of the tournament, Erica Perry and Katie Bussey for making the all tournament team, and most importantly our Bobcats!

I love to see a team have success for working and committing to defense.

And it IS FUN!

Coach Bin

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