Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Trip to California

We were the last flight to get out Thursday as Bozeman got 20 inches of snow that day. It's give and take when you land in L.A. and hit rush hour. We covered 8 miles in the first hour. My son said "California needs to have less cars on the road."

We opened at Cal State Bakersfield in front of the loudest of all fans, Gwen Perry, Erica's mom, yelling "they got no left hand!I see you Ash!, etc, etc." Justin Scanson was on the bench chuckling.

As we held off the roadrunners Friday, Saturday brought the Bobcats more good news with our release of our newest 2010 class. I want to say welcome to the family to Emily Allen, Kate Webb, and Ausha Cole. Emily and Kate are teammates, which I love as they have a sixth sense about each other's games. Then there is Ausha who is just as tenacious with a piranha like mentality on defense. What great fits to our program.

Saturday night was interesting as three fire alarms went off during the night. The joke by the players was that Rachel's snoring was lowder than the alarms.

Sunday was our last game for the weekend at University of Pacific. Pacific jumped on us early but with the character of this team and spark we have in every substitution we were able to come away with the victory.

The season has begun!

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