Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Big Sky Tournament

4 points, Claire Faucher, and a few too many turnovers prevented us from going dancing. I AM BUMMED but extremely proud of our team's run. Here is the recap.

Wednesday: Arrived at Field house 8:15am to leave for bus trip to Spokane. Trainer takes me immediately to the training room. Lyndi Seidensticker, one of our best 3 point shooters is sitting on a table holding her shooting hand with a thumb that is black and blue. We have it Xrayed and it is broken. She is out for the weekend. My son tells her he is sorry she hurt her hand.

5:30pm: After practice at EW, we arrive to the Northern Quest Hotel and Casino. Yes, it is a casino/hotel and NO our players did not go in the casino. I can neither confirm or deny my staff frequenting the tables.

Highlights of Hotel:

1) Shower- 1 shower head, 4 sprays. It makes for a great splash park for a 5 year old and 20 month year old.

2) Restaurants- Great seafood. I think Erica Perry and Janette Jackson ate 4 pounds of crab legs. My son ate 4 pounds of clams.

3) Fitness Center- The one place that didn't smell like smoke.

Low lights of Hotel:

1) It is a casino. Not sure this is the best example for our student athletes.

2) My throat hurt everyday because of the smoke.

3) It isn't 100% kid accident proof. Thanks for being available Roger!

Thursday: 3:30 tip off.

Ally Schmitt comes in the first half and drains two 3's. I sit back and watch our team play for Lyndi on the sidelines. We move on to the semifinals.

Friday: 6:00 tip off.

Down 1 at halftime. We talk about getting some offense from our transition. Erica comes out and scores something like 17 points in the second half. Sarah hits a huge 3to seal the win and take us to the championship game.

Saturday: 2:00 tip off.

Pregame meal. Media is calling for interviews asking how tired we are. I look at them cracking jokes and answer, "We are all adrenaline at this point".

Game starts. We fight and claw and fumble the ball all over the place. We can't get into a good rhythm vs PSU's zone. If we could just take care of the ball I know we will get over the hump. Jamie Thornton throws her body on the floor for an extra possession. Every time we score, phone is ringing, Claire answers.

Down 4 at halftime. We have had more success this past month being down at halftime- so we use that for confidence.

2nd half Erica and Sarah show why they were selected to the All Tournament team. PSU shoots a 3, it bounces 3 times and falls in. Ashley Albert shoots a 3 it bounces 3 times and falls out. The ball just does not bounce our way.

We lose by 4 points. Our players walk off wishing we could have just taken care of the ball a few more possessions.

Getting this close hurts that much more, but the comeback our team made 2 months ago to get here when they could have thrown in the towel was amazing. What character our players had in an unbelievable run.

We graduate Erica Perry and Jamie Thornton, but the Bobcats have a lot to be excited about for next season. We have the tournament experience and a bunch of talent that is not satisfied with this outcome.

We wish PSU the best against Texas A&M representing the Big Sky.

As for the Bobcats, we will rest up, watch the games, and start preparing for the 2011 Championship season.

Go Cats!

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