Monday, March 29, 2010


Parents obviously have a vested interest in their daughter's success. If they didn't, I would be worried. What I love to see is how they handle their stress watching from the stands.

Todd and I were watching Oklahoma and Notre Dame last night and they showed two parents who were NOT sitting by each other. I looked at Todd and asked him how we would be. Despite the answer, I think we would probably be sitting apart at Brooklyn's games, based on our T-Ball game experiences with Justin!

Coach Saneholtz says her dad, Barney, was nowhere to be found during games- he was sitting up in the rafters of Beasley Colesium getting all worked up at the refs. He had the decency to save his fellow Cougar fans from his shananigans (says Marcia) although I bet most of them would have been on board with harrassing of the stripes!

Coach Close's parents would rarely sit together, but that wasn't becuase John was going crazy at the refs, it was because he was nervous and fidgety and wanted to move around. It was Kathy who would get all riled up!

Coach Scanson's parents ALWAYS sat together and got after the refs together! And believe or not, they still do. They sit directly across from our bench and give 'em heck!

I think that's the advantage that players have because when you are on the floor you don't have time to be stressed. You are IN THE MOMENT. So good luck to all our parents, including our family, as T-Ball season is right around the corner.

Go Cats!

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G said...

Somehow I can remember relating to your comments about "parents in the stands" my such memories...and I still have the tapes of her 157 or is it 159 games.