Tuesday, March 23, 2010


So many things to discuss on this topic.

1) When you watch the games, are you a fan, a coach, a critic, or do you really think you can officiate better than the crew on the floor?

I lean more toward "student of the game", as I want to continue learning how to be better for my team in game situations. 2 years ago I LOVED Nebraska's baseline out of bounds play, so now we have an out of bounds play called "Nebraska." I am also pulling for them as the dark horse!

2) Why are there more upsets on the men's side verses the women's side?

My theory is the scholarship difference. The men can only offer 13 why we can offer 15. On the women's side, if you take 2 of those players off the end of the bench of the high majors and give them to mid majors, you're seeing more parity. The UNI men have been fun to watch and root for, and congrats to San Diego State and Gonzaga for their "Cinderella" wins on the women's side.

3) Why can't ESPN show a current game being played for 5 minutes rather than going to the studio all the time?

I catch more live action for the men's games than the women's and was furious when I only got to watch our Big Sky representative PSU complete the opening tip.

4) Why can't the games be officiated like this during the regular season?

The games have been physical. The officials are letting them play similar to my WNBA experience, but in the regular season you're seeing teams shoot 30+ Free throws. Now coaches are having to foul just to get to the bonus for end of game situations. Sorry Jen Rizzoti, your game was the exception, and I am totally behind your argument!

5) Is the game evolving faster every year?

It has to be as I am not sure I would recruit me now when I was in high school.

6) This is not a question, but these games have been really fun to watch! Women compete, they have passion, desire, emotion and they work! They are as tough as they have ever been and respect the game by playing it well.

I love this game! Hope you are enjoying as well!

Coach Bin

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Chris Syme said...

The games last night were awesome. Loved watching Gonzaga beat A & M, Duke pull it off and OK State/Georgia game was great. U R right--women compete w/passion.