Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stanford Prevails

Did you watch Xavier and Stanford play last night? WHAT A GAME!!!

Highlight for Montana: Jocelyn Tinkle comes in as a Freshman for crucial minutes after Jayne Appel fouls out. Clock is winding down and she has the ball in her hands. What does she do? She drives to the basket and TIES the game.

Highlight for Big Sky: Lisa Jones officiated. You don't know who she is? She's the official that can bench press more than my entire roster. We started our four day weight program yesterday. Our goal is to bench more than Lisa by next fall.

Highlight for the West Coast: After Pohlen's 4.4 drive the length of the court, Stanford can hopefully get their shooting back by Sunday and represent the West like they have the last decade.

Lowest moment of the evening: Watching that darn tree dance around on the court again. My son asked how he sees. My answer, "He obviously can't."

Good luck Stanford in San Antonio. The Montana State staff will be there cheering you on!

Coach Bin

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