Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Camp Is In Session

What a fun an amazing week already. Our nearly 200 campers are working so hard I feel like I am getting in shape.

Little Dribblers are so fun to watch. I have three nieces in camp this year and my youngest was hilarious after defending another camper. She said "that girl is really tricky." That means our camp coach Carrie Feenstra must have taught her a good move.

I demonstrated to our day and elite campers this afternoon how important it is to move without the ball. So much time is spent working on moves with the ball that we sometimes don't realize how simple we can make this game if we just do all the work before the catch.

Last night I discussed with our elite campers the importance of knowing your role and how to make the most of whatever role that is. Have you heard the word "assume?" Ouch is right.

Our Camp Director Coach Close lost her voice yesterday but got it back today. I am not sure how she pulled that off but tomorrow is Bobcat Dress up Day so it keeps getting better.

Go Cats!
Coach Bin

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