Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer School

Our five new freshmen are settled in to their new homes for the summer, the DORMS, managed to find their classes, and complete orientation. Tomorrow they will catch their breath.

Breakdown of the weekend.

Jackie Elliott-visited her room first. She has her schedule and classes mapped out. I may ask her for directions on campus.

Destini French- It was only 9:00am, but she already had make up on and Katie had already introduced her to the entire community of Bozeman. I will put her in charge of marketing.

Symone Brown-my daughter walked into her room ahead of me and grabbed one of Symone's granola bars. She was stocked up. How many shoes do you need though Symone?

Kalli Durham-First thing I saw was her t.v., and I asked her when she will be watching that? She is a perfectionist when it comes to the classroom as well as the court.

Kayla Dewit-Last room around the corner relaxed as can be until I told her she needed to get a parking pass.

The first week is always overwhelming getting settled, finding where everything is at, but now they are ready to roll. Instead of catching their breath it's really more of a gasp when you have a senior like Katie Bussey.

All I have to say to that is it makes my job pretty easy.

Get after it ladies!

Coach Bin

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