Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's a Wrap

Either I am shrinking or the campers continue to get taller every year. The highlight for me, however, is when my players like Ashley Albert, Rachel Semansky, and Katie Bussey seem like they have grown an inch or two. Sorry, Ausha, you and I still see eye to eye!

Some of the highlights this week besides growing like trees:

  • Champ appearance-He talked this year, although that scared a few of the campers.
  • Coach Starr Post Demonstration-Now the campers know why Sarah Balian, Rachel Semansky, and Chelsea Banis have developed like they have.
  • Coach Scanson Intensity Station. Every year he increases his caffeine intake. I think he may need to go to counseling for his addiction.
  • Coach Close Cross Training Workout-If you were at camp this week you saw how busy our Camp Coordinator was running from gym to gym, making sure everything was running smoothly.
  • Multi tasking by our student athletes-I was watching Katie and Rachel officiate, take the whistle out of their mouth and then coach, put the whistle back in and call the foul. It was hilarious.
  • Last but certainly not least, great improvement every day by our campers. Not only did we have a record turnout this year but we had some terrific basketball.
Thank you to our parents for financially supporting your daughters to get better at a great game and have a fun week with new teammates.

We hope to see you again next year.

Go Cats!

Coach Bin

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