Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why To Choose An Indoor Sport

Yesterday when I was golfing in the "windy" Billings Bobcat Club Tournament I was briefly,(over the next 5 hours), reminded why I chose to play basketball; It's indoor and always 70 degrees inside.

Growing up in Carbondale, Colorado only 30+ miles away from Aspen I learned how to ski almost as soon as I learned to walk. I loved the rush of the speed, hitting the slalom poles with my inside arm, leaning into my turn, and then "playing" on the jumps afterward.

I ski raced competitively until junior high against boys and girls. I was once recognized as "Trash Bader" in the paper instead of Trish Bader which was my first taste of humility. My coach's name was "Bozo" because of his big curly hair. I remember being glued to my chapstick and most importantly never losing a race to any of those boys.

In junior high, however, each sport started to demand more time of competitors and I was forced to make a decision on cutting down some of my commitments. Basketball didn't require as much equipment (snow boots, socks, gloves, goggles, hats, etc). and my feet always stayed warm. I was able to enjoy it WITH my friends as a team sport and could practice it at home every day. Although I loved slalom racing it was a pretty simple decision for me at the time for me to play AND be warm.

Yesterday, I reapplied my chapstick a few times and wore my parka on occasion to warm up in between the holes similar to my days on the Aspen ski slopes.

I had packed every kind of clothing for the day and it payed off. I stayed warm and had a great time with my group from Vision Net. However, when it comes to attending a basketball game, fans can be reassured that the only clothing they need to be concerned about has to be Blue or Gold.

Go Cats!

Coach Bin

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semansky said...

Hey, wanted you to know my mother COMPLETELY agrees, altho the sport she often watched without near the enthusiasm that she has for basketball was hockey. She is glad the grandkids no longer play so she does not have to go to those COLD games.