Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 1 done!

Day 1 wrapped up! I went to the restroom more times than my two year old daughter because I stayed hydrated. It would be a miracle if they could get the gyms all the same temperature.... Do you wear a jacket or do you not? Do you wear flip flops or shoes and socks? I feel like I'm in a Katy Perry song- hot and cold!

Here are a few examples of sayings in our evaluations:
1.Wiry means skinny but tough
2. Smooth means it's ok if they are not the quickest because they make flowing decisions
3. Bulldozer means get out of her way!
4. Handsy means she can really get after it on defense (like latisha Adams)
5. Savvy means she is a coach on the floor and is a smart player (like Ashley Albert)

More to come tomorrow.... We need to do brackets and Mandy and I need to split our fish dinners!
Coach Bin

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