Friday, July 8, 2011

The Spider

Yesterday I am driving from One gym to another as the GPS takes me on the country road in between. As I am driving with hands on the 10 and 2 steering wheel a huge hairy black and white spider starts weaving down from my visor.

Trying not to wreck I am thinking hairy could mean poisonous almost tarantula style and then all of a sudden it jumps on my steering wheel. With no edge on the side of John Denver's Country Road I brake off the lip, jump out just barely escaping death. The spider then hops on my seat looking at me as if to say "thank you."

As I look to see what kind of spider this is I think it must be the "car camouflage" spider as it totally blended in. Nit wanting more of tHis I tried to sweep him out of the car but couldn't see if I got him or not.

Anyone want to trade cars today?

Coach Bin

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