Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Dress

As I touch down in Bozeman in between trips I continue to be amazed how quickly my children change in a day or two. The good news is that my husband seems to be consistent except the additional gray hairs that take place.

My daughter right now is a 2 year old going on sixteen. We have a constant battle of clothing and what she'll wear, much different than what we experienced with Justin. For him, if it had a ball or Transformer on it, he'd wear it.

Brooklyn, however, only has one dress that she wants to wear. She will wear it every day of the week, she'll wear it to bed, and even if it smells and stands on its own because it's so dirty, she doesn't really care.

My choices are to throw the dress away, let her scream her head off as I put on what I want her to wear or better yet, OUT SMART HER.

I first called my friend who purchased the dress to see where she bought it so I could buy another one in a bigger size. Unfortunately it's a store that we don't have.

The next plan was to take Brooklyn to the store and have her pick out a dress similar so we did. Once we got home, however, she didn't want to wear the new one anymore.

It doesn't help that in public everyone seems to acknowledge her "pretty dress". If you are one of those people, stop it, jk.

Last resort will be to throw it away, and although there will be a few tears she is tough and will eventually grab ahold of a new obsession.

I just hope that one is with a basketball in hand.

Coach Bin

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