Friday, July 15, 2011

Frequent Flyer

After Oregon City Mandy and I covered the Midnight Summer Madness Tournament in Seattle while Justin flew to Chicago.

As the head coach I get to pick where I recruit so why wouldn't I choose Seattle who has the best sushi ever at Shiro's restaurant that my friend Janet and former teammate took me to last year? I took Mandy with me this time around and she had to agree with her boss that it is in fact the best!

We got to hang out with Janet for the evening up on top of the terrace of her condo overlooking Seattle, but then it was back into action at Arco Arena. Coaches were so impressed that I had an I Pad I actually had to act like I knew what I was doing with it. Unfortunately, I still had to take some notes with my pen for "new" recruits that weren't yet in our database. That allowed me to write on pretty much everything including my new shorts from the Nike store, the cover of my I Pad, and my former coach June Daughtery. I didn't know if I should tell her or not, but she was cool with it because she loves me so much.

I flew home to see my family, my student athletes in summer school, and our lone coach holding down the fort Amy. Our student athletes are doing great, transitioning well, and competing to break our Top 12 WBCA Academic Finish of last year.

I took my son Justin golfing. He enjoyed raking the sandtraps, taking out the flag, and had pretty good contact on the ball. Brooklyn got to hang out with me in the office, and Todd enjoyed a few hours rest before I take off again.

Tonight I head to Indianapolis for a Mock Bracketing exercise where I, along with 18 other head coaches across the nation learn how the NCAA charts their seeding for the tournament. I will try and blog in between sessions at lunch and dinner, but don't want to give too much information out because you might be angry with who I pick, LOL.

Aisle, or Exit row?

Coach Bin

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