Saturday, July 9, 2011

End of the Trail

Justin, Mandy, and I finished The Oregon City Tournament today. Here are the highlights:

1. Mandy helping Jerry Rice pick out sports bras for his wife at the Nike Employee store. Jerry had a purple outfit picked out so Mandy suggested an orange bra because it's on the opposite end on the color wheel. He went with the purple.

2. Five Guys Burger and Fries. In N Out Burger is still the best for cost and quality, but these burgers are bigger and it's the only place where I can't finish the fries. They give you so many you leave feeling like a potato.

3. GPS-I still need to name my GPS. I will call her Sue. I have to give her a girl's name because no guy would ever ask for directions so why would they be a GPS? I didn't get lost once. Great work Sue.

4. The games. My last game of the tournament kept me on the edge as Montana Hoops went to the wire with Corona Force? Montana was down one, called a timeout for a back screen play. They got fouled, hit two free throws to go up one, and then Corona nails a three to win. What a battle.

My bumb is now in full padded mode, yet somewhat numb. I like to also sit up high so I can get more excited about how tall players are because they look bigger from above. Although when I sit lower they are still all bigger than me.

5. We told you more evaluation tips to come so here they are;

First rule of thumb-every player must be taller than me. That gets my list narrowed down by five percent.

Second they have to shoot at the right basket, another five percent.

Last, they should pass the ball to the people in the same color uniform as them, and stripes are not include in that.

That leaves me five percent now to watch and reel in for future bobcats.

Isn't recruiting easy?

Coach Bin

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