Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Yes, it's finals week, and at MSU it seems to be as stressful as the conference tournament. Our student athletes take great pride in the classroom as they consistently land in the Top 15 in the WBCA Team GPA polls.

So, what determines academic success anyway? Is it your overall GPA? I would say that is one measure of success but not necessarily the best indicator for the individual and or team. Here are two questions to consider.

1) If you compare school's overall GPA's across the board, it still doesn't compare the majors, resources, etc. For example, we have a student athletes in Nursing, Math, Business, Pre Physical Therapy, etc.

2) Do you compare individual success by their GPA and or classroom curve? What if one student is just naturally bright? What if another student works 10 times harder in the class to get the same grade? What if one student has 2 jobs to pay for their family while going to class?

Here's how we treat academic success, exactly like we do athletic success.

Our mission statement is to "Put yourself, your teammates, and MSU in every possible situation to be successful and persevere in those situations." That is my definition of success.

Let's break the mission statement down:
Put yourself in a situation to be successful.
Study, antonym-procrastinating. Focus when you study. Antonym-mixing in guitar hero, having phone handy for texting, having friends over. Take advantage of resources: tutors, classmates, professor. Antonym-figure out on your own.

Put your teammates and MSU in every possible situation to be successful.
Jamie Thornton tutoring math to half the student athlete body. Antonym-not my problem, telling your teammate who is studying you need them on the drums.

Maybe you bomb the first test. You find a better way to prepare, ask your professor what some learning options they might suggest. Get some help. Study more. Be proactive and not embarrassed. There are a variety of ways to learn.
Antonym-I am not smart. I give up.

As long as you are giving your education your best effort, you will have a 4.0 on our team. Great job!

Coach Bin

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