Saturday, May 2, 2009


I was asked in a comment to fill you in on our graduating seniors. Anne Phippard, our "honors" student has been accepted to attend University of Washington in the fall to go to graduate school. She is a pre-physical therapy major, and the one I would want to be working with if I ever got injured. She has been an exceptional leader for this program and will make us all proud.

Mara Hoefer has gotten an offer to play professionally back home in Germany. She has recently been awarded another academic honor by the Dean of the Business department. If you ever run into a professor from the business department they will rave how wonderful she is. To see this kid go from limited skill to a professional contract is absouletly amazing. She didn't even know what the "Mikan Drill" was three years ago when we signed her.

Nubia Garcia is finishing up her photography degree this fall and already looking into professional contracts overseas. We have an agent ready for her to take her international and play for as long as she can. With her degree I have a feeling she will be working behind the camera and in front of it next year.

We are so proud of these senior's successes, but I have a feeling they will make us even more proud with their future success. The sky is the limit for these kids.

Oh, and I guess they aren't kids anymore, but I will will always call them that.

Coach Bin

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