Thursday, May 21, 2009


You have probably heard that 80% of coaching is recruiting the best athletes into your program. I am not just talking about skill, but work ethic, coachability, etc. It all will affect performance, team cohesion, and overall success of the program.

Well, as an assistant coach at Boise State back in the day under the leadership of Head Coach Trish Stevens I learned how to recruit the best. This is how....

Trish Stevens was on a home visit with a local student athlete out of Greenleaf, Idaho. The next day Trish comes by my office and tells me that she has the perfect man for me. Following my bosses instruction I tell her "alright." Ten months later I marry Todd Binford, older brother of Boise State Bronco Jenny Binford.

Yesterday my mom and I were pulling into her driveway. As the garage door was opening and I saw a pair of calves in the garage, I said, "I think that is Jenny." Sure enough Jenny was at the house visiting. My mom asked how I could tell it was Jenny by only seeing her legs.

"That's my job. Remember Jenny's jump shot?"

Coach Bin

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