Monday, May 18, 2009


Road trips probably account for 50% or more of the college memories and experience. Whether it's playing hacky sack in the airport during a 3 hour delay or playing cards in the back of the bus on the way to Missoula, road trips have been some of my favorite experiences as a player and as a coach.

With that being said, traveling with a 5 year old and 9 month old has made preparation a little more challenging. This weekend my family is headed out on a trip to Idaho for my brother-in-law's upcoming wedding. Rather than fly we decided to drive in order to save money. You would think the smallest of the group, my 9 month old, would require the least but if you are a parent, you know, it seems to be the opposite. By the time my husband had packed the baby bath, stroller, pack and play, and week long supply of diapers, we had a small corner to fit the rest of the family gear!

So... we were on our way. It started off a little scary when my son Justin asked within the first 30 minutes "How much further?!?" we had to go. But soon the trip fell in sink when Brooklyn nodded off and Justin plugged in "Bolt" on the dvd player.

I still don't know how my parents handled these trips when I was a child driving from Colorado to California for spring break. My older brother would constantly torment me in the back and draw imaginary lines for my sister and I to stay clear from. Of course that was only until he would put a finger over to just egg me on. I still don't know why I was such a smart alec to my dad. He would say, "Stop spitting spit wads!" and I would reply, "They're dry wads daaaad!"

After our second stop for potty breaks, diaper changing, and stretching, Todd and I decided to switch and I got behind the wheel. As I entered the freeway, my son says "Thank you mommy. Now we will get there quicker."

Coach Bin

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