Tuesday, May 26, 2009


"Vacation" is defined by dictionary.com as a period of suspension of work, usually used for rest, recreation, or travel.

The definition didn't include, however, 10 hour drives both ways, two kids, three cousins, and preparation for a wedding and rehearsal dinner. Therefore, the rest has been suspended until the vacation is over!

Here are the highlights.

1) Recreation- Golfing with my dad and husband. Todd and I can hit hard but inaccurately. Dad, on the other hand, is calm and consistent. I describe that to my team as the spectacular move to only miss the layup (100 dollar move, 10 cent finish). I'd rather a good move and a great finish like my dad.

Horseback riding- We took my son Justin out to ride my mom's horse called Brody. He was quite the cowboy but I think may have had as much fun playing in the dirt. And yes, this dirt probably had horse poop in it.

Volleyball- To finish off the week I jumped in on the "Binford" vs "McDonald's" volleyball match. This has been an ongoing battle since the beginning of time. Unfortunately we didn't have Big Sky officials so we got homered on the score.

2) Eating- I think this should have been a category under vacation as that seems to be all I do with my extra time and I quite enjoy it! Starting off with my dad's home cooking, salmon, halibut, barbeque ribs, chicken, and yes I am still eating. Todd sees the similarities as my dad and I can multi task very well. You just won't be able to find the counter top after ward.

Eating at Todd's parents. Let's just move forward to the PIG at the rehearsal dinner. When I heard they would be roasting a pig I imagined it being cooked over a grill without a head. This, however, was not the case as the pig was already cooked for 17 hours, and came positioned like superman.

The pig also had a skirt and sunglasses to match. There were more pictures taken of the pig than there were of the bride and groom to be. I will also admit that my son and all of the other kids had to touch it just because they had to touch it. As we got ready to eat, Justin asked if he could get some "pig" rather than "pork."

3) Family and Friends- I can't write enough how fun it was to see my friends from Boise, and both of our families. To finish off an amazing week Mike (Todd's little brother) and his beautiful bride Marie (sister-in-law) had a great wedding day. Justin walked his cousin Kendall down the isle arm in arm like a perfect gentleman and Todd gave a roasting toast to his little brother.

The newlyweds flew off to Cancun and I thought it ironic that is where the "PIG" or should I say "Swine" flew in from as well.

Coach Bin

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