Sunday, July 26, 2009


WHY I LIVE IN BOZEMAN: I once arrived to our airport 30 minutes before departure and was still able to check my bags through security.

1) Airport Travel

Salt Lake Aiport. I was in a rush to make my connecting flight and turned on the Nascar feet. As I weaved in and out saying "excuse me" and moving on to the next I instantly got blocked by two "drivers" or I should say walkers. It was as if this person was in the passing lane but not really passing. Did they just want to torment me and just drive side by side so there was no lane to pass?

2) Crowds

Las Vegas Tram. I was with my family trying to cram among the herd. We missed the first Tram because everyone smothered us and cut in front. The next Tram I held on to my son as we squeezed in. My husband and daughter were left behind as a man with an infant and stroller apparantly are not among manner lessons. Justin said to me as the doors closed, "that wasn't very nice." We must have ruled out crowds when learning our first lessons in manners.

3) Flying

I don't know how flight attendants do it. They have to be the most patient and polite people I have ever met. As they begin their instructions on the exits, flotation devices, and how to buckle your seatbelt, the audience is already in a trance ignoring the details.

Then they get buzzed from a "rookie" how to turn off the air above their head. I was amazed that the flight attendant just turned the nob for the traveler and didn't say a word. Or how about when the flight attendants tell us what snack and beverages they will be bringing only to answer the question to every single one of us when they come to take our requests.

As a coach, I demand our players to listen the first time so I don't have to repeat myself. Can you imagine a flight attendant giving us suicide sprints up and down the aisle for not listening?

Bozeman is at different pace which is very good for me. I don't take my track shoes off while I am home, and I definitely live for competition. However, it's nice once in a while just to go for a run rather than a race.

Coach Bin

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