Thursday, July 9, 2009

July Recruiting

Since these athletes this summer are all competing against the best competition in the country I figured they were doing what it takes to get to the Next Level. Therefore, I decided to do a different post today about July recruiting.

Division I college coaches are allowed to evaluate athletes throughout the month of July. I just arrived home from my first tournament and thought you'd enjoy what really goes on the recruiting trail besides evaluating the GREAT talent.

1) You catch up with friends.

I was able to see former teammate, and college roomate, Lisa Fischer. She brought her two beautiful twin girls to the games while we chatted. I asked them if their mommy makes them clean their rooms like she made me during our roomate days. Answer-Yes. They left me with wonderfully sticky hands from their suckers which made me miss my kids more.

Then I got to see another college teammate Janet that has now become Dr. Soderberg after her many years of education. In college we always joked that she had the unlimited vocabulary when being interviewed by the media. She gave me some thesaurus options to my favorite media answer of "great." Just go back and look at all of my media quotes and you'll see it, possibly twice or three times. You may in the future hear me say "fantastic, splendid, or off the hook." Just wait until I am quoted on our recent TOP 4 National GPA Poll in the WBCA.

The main thing for rookie coaches to learn though, is that you don't have time to break for lunch in July when you are getting to the games on time. Just learn from veteran and also former teammate of mine Heather Sower. She has an entire backpack of snacks. I make sure to sit by her when we are watching the same games.

2) You catch up with your conference.

We have our social peers, and the Big Sky coaches are some of the best. This week's talk for our conference was that we finally got our schedules. The Big Sky ruled in favor of Friday/Saturday games. Many weren't in favor of this change, but for those that get really good attendance like MSU, our fans can now drive in and catch 2 for 1 over the weekend. Back to academic success again, we also miss less class during the week.

3) You compete.

Yes, I would say it would be very unlikely if anyone in the coaches section is NOT competitive. Therefore, we are all trying to do what it takes for our programs to succeed. I am not talking about the recruits we are trying to sign, but the big topic of the week.


Answer for Coach Binford = I blog and do not twitter and this is why.

I don't think you really want to hear these things:

when I wake up,

what kind of toothbaste I use to brush my teeth,

what I had for breakfast,

if I got lost heading to the games,

and most importantly if my Associate Head Coach Amy Saneholtz made me go back and change because she didn't approve of the shirt I picked out.

I have also heard that I am up to 6 readers now that Anne Phippard mentioned her mom Barbara viewing every now and again. Barbara, I will tell you which shirt that was. Just call me.

Coach Bin

p.s. I already called all of you, but great job Bobcats on once again another OFF THE HOOK job on your success in the classroom.


Coach Albert said...


I do know that my father in law and myself are avid readers of your blog, and we love it! have more than 6:)

I just started my own blog, mostly to communicate with my athletes...check it out and tell me what you think some time. (I also joined Facebook for the same reason but don't really like it much.)

Hope things are going well on the recruiting trail.

Coach Albert

Coach Albert said...

Here's the site...