Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This week's segment revolves around multi-sport athletes. I figure there will be a few people that disagree with my opinion on this, but that's why it's called an opinion.

I feel that playing in a variety of sports for as long as you can will not only benefit your overall performance in your main sport, but it will also enhance your overall motivation for your prime love.

As a high school athlete, I played volleyball, softball, ran track, and obviously played basketball in the winter. During the other seasons of play I was consistently outside in our driveway playing hoop, but I was able to rest some of those muscles overworked on the court.

When I entered college and ultimately went to one sport I then focused strictly on basketball and felt my overall athletic ability was better because I played other sports in high school.

As a senior in college I tore my ACL, but also felt that injury gave me a new level of motivation for improving my game. It gave me eight more years of high intense basketball training that ultimately allowed me to achieve my highest goals.

Now look at the reverse trend that is happening today. Athletes are encouraged to focus on just one sport early on, training constantly without rest, and feeling torn if they try to do more than one sport.

I see chronic injuries developing from overtraining, not understanding the balance of rest and change to the workouts. I am also seeing less motivation and drive to get out and work on skill work because athletes are constantly playing games.

Seriously consider this opinion. Some professional athletes have made it having only played one sport throughout. However, I do know for me and the level I prefer to train at, I would have gotten burned out too early if I hadn't enjoyed those other sports in my youth.

It may also be hard to believe that I was the strong side hitter and not the setter.

Coach Bin

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