Monday, September 21, 2009


I was asked recently to discuss what the relationships are like between coaches competing against one another. So here are a few of my "working relationships."

Sherri Murrel, Portland State:
When my son was three months old, I let Sherri hold him while we were out recruiting. I thought, what a great idea. Distract Sherri so I can see the talent! Justin wet through his diaper on her. Whoops.

Robin Selvig, University of Montana:
Robin is almost like a dad, one that screams a lot. I guess I feel that way since I played against him as a player! No one has more class than Robin. He even called me to congratulate us when we beat them.

Laurie Kelly, Northern Arizona:
If any of you have met Laurie, then you will understand when I say Big Personality. She just keeps me entertained. I always try and find a seat by her while recruiting because she's hilarious.

CT or to others Carla Taylor, Weber State:
Yes, another one that I played against. I can "distract" her too. She always wants to see the pictures of our kids. CT is a great match maker too, but you don't need to worry about Amy!

Jamie White, University of Northern Colorado:
I can't stand next to her staff. My neck starts to hurt. I played with Paige, 6'5, at Cleveland, but Paige, the high heels put me at your waist.

Wendy Schuller, Eastern Washington
Put on your thinkin caps! Wendy's team is usually our toughest competition when it comes to team GPA. We aren't just competitive on the court ya know.

Seton Sobolewski, Idaho State / Jamie Craighead, Sacramento State:
I hope to get to know these "new" Big Sky coaches and their staffs in the near future.

Here are a couple of other points:

Most likely to get a technical: This used to be Laurie (NAU) and Jamie (UNC), but I think I will throw Seton into the mix now. Great intensity!

Most unusual insects on the floor: This is a toss up between MSU and WSU. When the rodeo comes through you never know what is left behind.

Most entertaining crowd: MSU-I have my "GOLD" crowd that loves to get on the officials. Watch out for that pointing finger row!

Most boisterous crowd: U of M-The first year they got my two assistants confused as they were taunting the wrong coach. That was funny.

I LOVE the Big Sky Conference. I played in this conference, and as a coach I think this is one of the best class of coaches there are with such high integrity. I appreciate the challenge that each coach brings every game night.

If you see us on the road you'll probably see us sitting by each other, but don't worry you always want your best performance amongst your peers.

Coach Bin

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