Friday, September 18, 2009

And the answer is...

I am so disappointed that no one posted any answers, especially Helen. Just kidding.

With that being said, here are the answers to the WNBA questions and a little comment about last night's conclusion to the San Antonia vs Phoenix game.

1) Dan Hughes spits as far as the closest receiver. Did you see who sat furthest away, Becky!

2) My husband and I are guessing but believe Ann Wauters was 19 when she joined the WNBA.

3) Becky Hammon was a die hard ATV driver. I prefer the 2 wheel dirt bike.

4) Penny Taylor loves the spicy tuna roll.

In regards to the first playoff game last night between San Antonio and Phoenix, I will quote our football coach Rob Ash when I say it was just "BIZARRE."

The commentators couldn't believe Phoenix didn't foul with a two possession game, and then Pondexter thought the Mercury tied the game at the buzzer on Penny's three! Can you imagine being Penny and explaining that they just lost by one?

BIZARRE, but great job to Dan and his staff, and the San Antonio Silver Starzz. Penny, you were clutch at the end as well. I'd give you more touches in game two!

Coach Bin

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