Thursday, September 3, 2009


This summer just flew by. Maybe it was the unusual rain. Maybe it was the crazy July recruiting, or MAYBE it is that we are all just anxious to start this 2009-10 Season.

School began Monday, and our team has followed the example of my son taking his first steps. Why walk when you can RUN!

Our students are going to class, getting ahead in study table, testing in the beep test, bench, hang clean, and squats. Then we step on the court for our two hours of basketball workouts. You really can't accomplish a lot during two hours so you get very specific on your points of emphasis, DEFENSE!

The two hours are somewhat frustrating because that's where all of us want to be including our student athletes. Have you ever had an appetizer without the meal to follow? It leaves you a little HUNGRY.

Regardless, the energy is infectious, and not in a Swine Flu kind of way. This team and staff is SO excited to see what kind of team we can put on the floor this season.

Maybe this blog will be an appetizer and you will come back for more.

Coach Bin

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