Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Team Retreat

Here is the question for the day:

Are you a screamer or a non screamer?

A few of my experiences and reactions:
1) torn ACL-breathed heavily = non screamer
2) fell 30 feet on ropes course-told a joke to let team know I was ok = non screamer
3) sky diving-couldn't breathe = non screamer

Read below if you want to know what our student athletes are.

This weekend our team did our annual Labor Day "Retreat" to Hebgen Lake in West Yellowstone. Before all you compliance officers try and turn MSU in, I already made the team sign and pay for the costs of "renting" a boat EVEN THOUGH my husband and I own it. Isn't that ridiculous? I am off track.

Instead of camping like we usually do we decided to boat for the day as it was supposed to get down to freezing that night. My job is to retain my athletes so I thought that was a smart executive decision.

The weather was nice that afternoon around 78 degrees, but the water was only 65 so most of the team decided to tube rather than wake board or water ski. LaTisha Adams attempted to wake board for a second but jumped right out of the water after she got in.

Toughest-Coach Close (water skier), Sarah Strand (water skier), Coach Bin & husband Todd (water skiers), Rachel Semansky (wake boarder), son Justin and Coach Scanson's daughter Camryn (swimmers).

Screamer or Non Screamer: TUBING

Jamie Thornton-Non Screamer. She just wanted my husband Todd to go faster.

Erica Perry-SILENT Non Screamer and take charge. Directed driver to go one time over wake.

Sarah Strand-Non Screamer, non threatened. Wanted Todd to go faster.

Lyndi Siedensticker-Non Screamer with tubing moves. She would lift tube to jump the wake.

Katie Bussey-Only upperclassman to give out a scream, but still wanted to go faster.

Ashley Albert-Squeaker-Kind of screams, laughs, obviously enjoys tubing.

Rachel Semansky-Screamer I think. Hard to tell when she is on the tube with Chelsea Banis.

Kelsey Roben-Non screamer when riding with anyone BUT Chelsea Banis. Screamer when with.

LaTisha Adams-SMILER. First time boater that I believe enjoyed her first experience.

Ally Schmitt-Non screamer and veteran boater.

Chelsea Banis-SCREAMER, without pause, will need treatments for throat with trainer.

The day was a blast, literally when you see our fire pit for smores. Whether you are a screamer or non screamer, I believe we had 100% fun throughout. What a successful weekend for that!

College Degree vs. Non Degree
When we showed up at 10:00am and it was still 60 degrees, the coaching staff sat on the beach IN THE SUN, while the student athletes (working toward their degrees) sat around the picnic table in the shade. They will learn, and Semansky didn't need four blankets to keep her warm.

Coach Bin

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