Thursday, April 1, 2010

Eclectic Morning

What a crazy morning.

I woke up ON MY OWN, not to Brooklyn or an alarm. It was a MIRACLE.

I walked into Brooklyn's room and saw Justin teaching her how to dribble with her left hand, saying, "you have to be able to dribble with both if you are going to play for mom."

Brooklyn then smirked at Justin and said, "WNBA."

As I am getting ready to make breakfast the phone rang. It was Geno Auriemma!

He says, "The team is boarding the plane to San Antonio and I remembered when the Olympic Festival was there and you hit the shot for us, (The West Team), to go into overtime. What a shot that was! I shouldn't have taken you out in overtime."

I responded, "Are you saying you made a mistake? Just don't do it to Maya. I think she should stay in!"

He then asks, "How do you think we will do against Baylor?"

I tell him, "You better look as good as Kim."

His answer, "She may win in the wardrobe, but I will have better looking hair."

I then got ready for work, Todd handed me a diet pepsi for the road, kissed my family bye, and headed out the door.

What a beautiful morning; blue skies, nearly 80 degrees. It feels like summer.

As I am driving to work, Dan Hughes, San Antonio Silver Starzz GM, calls me about seeing the family when we arrive.

Dan says "Helen Darling is pregnant again and going to be out for the season. We don't want to teach a new point the system for just a year. Will you consider playing for the Starzz just this summer?"

My response, "Dan, I barely got through my team's ab workout yesterday!"

I get to the Fieldhouse and remember


The truth in this blog

1) Justin and Brooklyn were playing in her room together.
2) I did play for Geno at the Olympic Festival when I was in college and hit the shot to go into overtime
3) The fam did give me kisses to go to work, but I grabbed my own diet pepsi.
4) And it will be in the 80's when I get to San Antonio tomorrow. It is, however, snowing in Bozeman this morning.
5) I did barely get through the team's ab workout

Coach Bin

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