Monday, April 12, 2010

2009-10 Season Banquet

Tom Schulz will be releasing the award winners on our website, but I thought it was important to recognize a few events that may be left out.

I missed Tyler's (our radio guy/MC) opening remarks because I was at the bathroom.

Our seniors wanted to know why Coach Close wears long sweats rather than shorts when she plays on scout team.

After watching the highlight video, I now know Baeta Bak likes to dance and make faces in front of the camera.

Coach Saneholtz admitted that she doesn't have good aim; to the reason why she threw a roll at Rachel Semansky in the first place. This was relating back to the story of her hitting Rachel in the eye at Texas Roadhouse.

Coach Scanson is the steak police on road trips when anyone orders a steak more cooked than medium rare.

I stole a strawberry off Kathy Close's (Mandy's mom) plate while she was speaking, for my daughter of course.

Tom Schulz could write last year's broken records on a post-it note. This year's list was on a full sheet of paper.

I did give an award to Kelsey Roben for best arms.

My son was still upset with me when we got home for having him sit down while I was presenting rather than allow him to run around with his hands in the air. He has since forgiven me.

The banquet lasted three hours, not nearly long enough to cover the memories and history of an exciting record breaking season.

Good luck to our seniors Erica Perry and Jamie Thornton. We will miss both of you but know you each have more walls to break through.

Erica will be playing professionally in Europe this fall, and Jamie is going to graduate school at MSU, also assisting us with our program next year. Yes, I did say she would be calling out the plays for me since my players can't hear me anyway.

Coach Bin