Thursday, April 8, 2010


Our trip to San Antonio, the question becomes is this work?

Day 1:
Land in 80 degree weather. No more fiction. This is the truth.

We have dinner on the Riverwalk. My son wants to pet every duck along the way.

10:00pm and everyone is still in shorts. Day I was a good day.

Day 2:
Mandy & Monique from NAU finish in the Top 5 in the 4Kay Run. Great job representing the Big Sky while the rest of us are sleeping.

Watch some practices & on court programming before going out on a date that night with my husband.

My former coach, June Daughtery, WSU Head Coach, offered to babysit. She texts me during dinner, "baby is asleep, we're playing hide and go seek, and I am winning! Stay out and have fun." How many of your coaches would do that for you?

Day 3:
Happy Easter. What an important day to remember of Jesus rising again, a day of HOPE.

What does everyone do after a morning of celebration and worship? We all overeat at an all you can eat buffet of course. I find out that my daughter now likes bacon!

I experience my first Division I Conference Captain's meetings. Everyone jokes with the rules committee on the spin/travel call!

Semi Finals tonight. Halfway through the second game both kids are asleep on Todd and I. Are these really my kids? jk Sherri did look good, Geno had one hair misplaced, Tara stood at least one time, and Kim burned over 400 calories in her entertaining sideline antics.

Day 4:
Early morning business meeting that lasted four hours. Good news-we got through the voting. Bad news-not everyone knew that New Orleans won the Super Bowl on the first question asked.

The rest of the day was spent recovering from that meeting.

Day 5:
Convention programs again. The WBCA did save the best for last as we listened to Dr. Condoleezza Rice. Is she amazing. She answered questions for 45 minutes. We have a lot in common as she listens to Led Zepplin while she works out as well.

Championship game-Who would have guessed halftime would be 20-12 Stanford. I wish both teams could have shot better, but I want to thank the fan behind us who gave my daughter some spectacular dance moves.

Day 6:
Back to Bozeman. To answer the question, is this work? If you have to say yes then you are in the wrong profession. I have definitely found the right one!

Coach Bin

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