Thursday, April 22, 2010

Women Gaining Respect

I thought I would throw out a couple of tips to our younger generation as they climb up the ladder and gain respect among their peers who are men.

Tip #1

Make Your Shots: How many guys have you seen at rec centers that spend more time acting like a pro with a flashy move rather than actually playing like one? Regardless of whether you are picked first or last, the teams that run the courts are the ones that score the most points. If you can hit the 3, you are on a whole new level.

Tip #2

Learn To Hit the Driver: One of my favorite past times growing up was golfing with my dad. I had no idea back then that that skill would be a huge advantage later on as I play in multiple golf scrambles for booster functions. Men LOVE to have a woman on their team that can hit the driver well when they walk up to the ladies tee. My dad and husband actually respect me too much and make me hit from their tee.

Tip #3

Don't Buy or Cook Low Fat Meals: My husband loves that I can cook, but he has been suspicious or caught me at times with throwing in a dish that was low in fat. They always assume it just doesn't taste as good. You can tell them to cook themselves but be ready for a counterattack.

Tip #4

Stay Away from the Barbecue: It may be a horrible stereotype to say most men don't cook, especially since my dad does and very well, but I am certain that ALL men will be offended if you step one foot next to the barbecue.

Tip #5

The most important tip of all is to be strong, hold your ground for what you believe in, work your tail off and you will have the respect you need from the ones that matter.

Now for the men gaining respect from women, my list of tips is just too long to post.

Don't miss tomorrow's post, however, for the first of many Friday "Guest Postings." Tomorrow is from Assistant Coach Justin Scanson, and his recent recruiting trip to the Down Under.

Coach Bin

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G said...

Good job on this one Coach! You sure are right on the BBQ too!