Monday, June 21, 2010

Big Brother

This weekend I had a family reunion at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. One word for the Grand Tetons, MAJESTIC!

A weekend isn't nearly enough time to enjoy your surroundings so we settled for just a few.

  • The hike around Jenny Lake didn't disappoint as we saw two Moose.
  • We did a little shopping although it doesn't seem quite right to buy something at an Eddie Bauer when you have that in Bozeman.
  • The Alpine Slides were the kid's favorite down the Snow King Ski Hill. Papa even got trashed talked by a six year old when she told him she beat him down the hill. One of our closest friends showed us why the slides had "CAUTION" written on a few turns when he fell off and got scraped up.
Our last night we celebrated my brother's 40th Birthday so my older sister came up with a great idea of drawing pictures of our favorite thing about Jeff. If anyone knows my brother you understand why I became who I am. Just to name a few of the things he did to me in no particular order,

1) Offered me toilet water to drink
2) Made me jump out of our two story home
3) Threw me into the garage door when we played basketball
4) Took me Kayaking down the Colorado river my first time on a kayak

The funny part about this is I look for athletes who have older brothers as they have to learn early how to survive and are just naturally TOUGH.

In full circle of my 37 years with my brother, he has always protected and supported me. I am so thankful for having a big brother, AND an older sister for without her I might not have survived Jeff.

Coach Bin

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