Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vacation Tidbits

This has been a vacation like none other. Here are the latest tid bits.

  • Owls and Freethrows.
Todd's dad's home sits in Greenleaf, Idaho in the middle of the "whoop whoop," defined by Australians as the middle of nowhere. One night we went to bed an owl woke, and it sounded injured. I teach my daughter owl noises to sound something like, "hoo, hoo" but this one would wait until you were just about to fall asleep and then would screech "eehhh!" All I could think about was how our student section should start that noise when our opponents are shooting freethrows. It would be a lot more effective then waving balloons.
  • Clean or Dirty
If you are a parent, then I assume you have similar stories to this one. The first lesson is to learn how to multi task which I was doing as I was drying my hair while watching my kids play in the bath. My mistake, however, was that I wasn't watching close enough. When I turned to see what they were doing, Brooklyn was playing with the toilet plunger.

  • Basketball is Vacation
People ask me how I take a break from basketball. Are you kidding? Basketball is my "break" from work. Yesterday Papa and Justin put together a basketball shooting game in the garage which my son is now addicted too. My brother-in-law Ryan McCarthy is also a coach and came over to my parents for dinner with his wife Jenny, Todd's sister. I coached Jenny at Boise State which is how I also met Todd. To make a long story short, Ryan and I talked about quick hitters for over an hour.

At the end of the day, it's about making the most of the time you have with family and friends, and if there is a sick owl outside your window, make sure to close it!

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